Why Invest In Ankara

Ankara has an excellent business and investment position in the heart of Turkey

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and has an excellent business and investment position in the heart of Turkey. Ankara, located on the northwest of Central Anatolia, has the third-largest surface area in Turkey. Its highly diversified structure and modern infrastructure attract many international companies. Hence, in the last decade, Ankara has developed with a continued upward trend. It is not only political capital, but also the capital of industrial zones, technoparks, universities, clusters, research centers, and international organizations. Its human, social, economic and intellectual capital creates Turkey’s high-tech products and services.

Ankara is also one of the favorite cities in Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for both foreign and domestic companies.

Key pillars of Ankara Investment Climate

  • Special industrial and technological zones,
  • Industry clusters,
  • Knowledge hubs, research centers, science parks and campuses,
  • Logistic hubs,
  • District and industrial vitalizations.

4 Main Reasons for Your Investment Decision in Ankara

1. Capital City

Second largest capital city in Europe, most livable city (CNBC-e Business Magazine 2011), ranks top in quality of life in Turkey (National Competitiveness Research Institute, 2010), cost of living below EU average (TURKSTAT 2012 – EU-27 Average = 100.00, Turkey = 62.30, Ankara = 66.34).

2. Strategic Location

Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia, is surrounded by three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. Ankara, as the capital city, is at the heart of this bridge.

3. Qualified and Dynamic Workforce

5.6 million people are living in Ankara, 3.7 million of them in labor force. 46.1% of the population is under 30. Ankara also has the highest high-tech sector employment rate (2.48%) in Turkey.

4. One of the Largest Economic Dynamics of Turkey

Ankara has stable economic growth with 40 Billion USD GDP and 8.63% of national GDP. Powerful and mature private sector creates promising economic dynamism with more than 8.4 Billion USD export volume.