Strategic Location

Regional Hub and Management Center

Since Ankara is located at the heart of bridge among Europe, Asia, and Africa, the city is a regional hub at the crossroads of highways, airways and high speed train network between Europe, Asia and Middle East. Ankara is also a gateway to the Middle East. For this reason, Turkey’s first and largest international transport base is also located in Ankara with 700.000 square meters of space and 2.500 truck/day intensity. It is also an inland port opening to the domestic and international markets; and a critical base for the energy corridor between Europe, Asia and Middle East.

  • Strategic location at the crossroads of highways and high speed train between Europe, Asia and Middle East
  • Gateway to the Middle East
  • Heart of Anatolia with railway, highway and airway connections
  • Ankara Logistics Base is Turkey’s first and largest International Transport Base with 200,000 square meters of indoor space and 2,500 truck/day intensity