Investment Opportunities

Easy Access to Multiple Markets

Ankara is the center of domestic flights, highway connections and high speed rail network which connects Ankara to more than 50% of Turkish population. There exist 48 direct flights to world-wide destinations from award winning Esenboğa International Airport. Besides, Europe, Russia, Turkic Republics, Middle East and North Africa can easily be accessed in 2 hours flight.  

Strategic Location

Since Ankara is located at the heart of bridge among Europe, Asia, and Africa, the city is a regional hub at the crossroads of highways, airways and high speed train network between Europe, Asia and Middle East. Ankara is also a gateway to the Middle East. For this reason, Turkey’s first and largest international transport base is also located in Ankara with 700.000 square meters of space and 2.500 truck/day intensity. It is also an inland port opening to the domestic and international markets; and a critical base for the energy corridor between Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Modern Infrastructure

Turkey is a natural bridge among Europe, Asia and Africa. Because of the robust economic growth in Turkey in the last ten years, both public and private infrastructure investments on transportation, telecommunications and energy are significantly improved. For this reason, as the capital city at the heart of this bridge, Ankara has a strong infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications and energy. Ankara’s advantageous geographical location allows the city to function as a hub for all transportation, telecommunications and energy networks. With its new and highly developed technological infrastructure, the city also offers well-developed and low-cost connections to maritime lines, well-established transportation routes and direct delivery mechanisms to most of the EU countries

The Most Qualified and Competitive Workforce

5.6 million people is living in Ankara and now it is the second crowded and second urbanized city in Turkey. Almost half of the population is under 30 and compared to its population the city has the highest number of higher education graduates. There are more than 240,000 university students and more than 15% of the city population has bachelor or post graduates degrees from Turkey’s top universities. As a consequence, Ankara has the highest high-tech sector employment in Turkey.  As a consequence, talented workforce can easily be hired by the investors and/or entrepreneurs at a competitive cost.

High-Tech Production

Ankara is the leader in all technology based sectors such as defense, communication and information technology, medical and biomedical technologies. Ankara is also very competitive in the international arena with high-tech products developed and/or produced in 18 research and development centers, 6 technology development zones, 12 organized industrial zones, and 39 advanced research institutes. Accordingly, knowledge of future is produced in Ankara as well. In particular, with Turkey’s top notched universities with top qualified technology development zones, the city is generating technological innovation with 7,370 people working in 620 firms has 55% high-tech and medium high-tech share in the export of manufacturing sector.

Strong and Stable Economy

The structural reforms implemented in Turkish economy for Turkey 2023 vision plan result in strong and stable economic conditions. Since Ankara is the center of economy and technology, the city fosters Turkey 2023 vision plan, notably in these field of investment, entrepreneurship, innovation, research and development, employment, growth, and regional development. For this reason, more than 2,300 foreign capital and international companies, OIZs providing infrastructure and incentives for investments with approximately 200.000 people working in more than nearly 13.000 companies create 8.63% of national GDP in Ankara.