Head Secretary of Embassy of The Republic of Singapore visited Ankara Development Agency

Head Secretary of Embassy of The Republic of Singapore, Jacop Anthony Chew visited Ankara Development Agency. In meeting, were informed about Ankara, Ankara investment environment, TechAnkara project market and agency support. Internal auditor Ahmet Efe, expert Erdem Koçoğlu and expert Miray Yıldırım from investment support office and expert Ahmet Arvas from corporate communication unit participated to the meeting.

Ankara investment support office explained the services provided to domestic and foreign investors, and consultations were also conducted on the activities that could be carried out for the entry of the products of Ankara entrepreneurs into the Singapore market.

Head Secretary of Embassy of The Republic of Singapore Jacop Anthony Chew who stated that The Embassy of The Republic of Singapore is doing the presidency of the Southeast Asia Embassies in the year of 2018, they expressed their willingness to participate in the organizations promoting the investment environment organized by the Ankara development agency.

Ankara Development Agency Secretary General, Arif Şayık stated that development agency follows Singapore's high-tech oriented venture environment support. Many quality projects focused on advanced technology at TechAnkara Project Bazaar which held every year that allows participation from different provinces of Turkey. In the future, Singapore provides a suitable platform for potential investment funds and angel investors to participate in TechAnkara Project Bazaar.



Investment Support Office is one of the units of Ankara Development Agency under coordination of Ministry of Industry and Technology



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