Forbes: Turkey is Becoming a New Kind of Silicon Valley

A recent post on Forbes journal stated that Turkey is emerging with its high value proposition regionally and with its own dynamics. Needless to say that America's Silicon Valley is unrepeatable even in America and the eco-system is location dependent. However, Turkey has a huge step forward to deploy its self sustaining "Silicon Valley like" environment which is very promising. Although it is highly recommended to have a glance at the original post itself, a quotation from the introductory passage itself says a lot to start with: 

"... While it has gained ground in recent years, Turkey’s transformation has been a long time coming, thanks to a unique mix of cultural, economic and even governmental elements that somehow all add up. A huge factor in Turkey’s startup success are the country’s demographics. An entire half of Turkey’s population is under the age of 30, resulting in a predominantly well-educated workforce and a massive talent pool of early adopters and tech-savvy thinkers. Additionally, mobile penetration in Turkey is through the roof, with more than 68 million people in Turkey owning a mobile device—that’s 84% of the population. Turkey’s mobile users are also reported to be the most active consumers in the world for mobile shopping, mobile banking and QR code scanning, and are third in the world for mobile wallet technology usage. As the country’s population gravitates toward an increasingly mobile lifestyle, consumers are by passing internet and desktop trends of the past, leapfrogging to mobile and embracing its massive potential for innovation."

Cick here to read the original passage on Forbes by Peri Kadaster, Director of Strategy and Marketing at Monitise, helming the Middle East / Africa region’s initiatives in international business.

Undoubtedly, Ankara has a significant role in this growth with a unique research and innovation eco-system in its region. Top notch engineering schools, groundbreaking medical innovation, national center for defense industry, 17 R&D centers, 5 technology development zones and high export rate of high value added products take it to the leading row.



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